Sunday, September 10, 2006

Something cute...

It's Sunday & so very weird that I'm not sleeping in preparation for working tonight...because this is the week my schedule has changed due to being forced to work every other weekend.  I am not scheduled until Wed, then Fri & Sat.  I just might like having the beginning of the week off.  :)

I had my youngest niece & nephew from Friday night to Saturday afternoon.  I took them out to lunch & as I was paying, my 7-yr old nephew Magnus says to me "How do you make your money?"  Before I could answer he says "Oh, that's save lives."  It was so cute! 

I went out last night with Kelly - we had some awful drinks & saw an awful movie, yet still managed to have fun.  I ordered margaritas...but what I got was nothing close to tasting like a margarita.  We saw Talladega Nights - simply because there is nothing else to see.  It was dumb. 

And to take it a step further, my favorite Nascar driver missed the race for the chase.  Darn it!  That's ok, I still love Tony Stewart anyways.  Next year he'll do better.

Hope everyone's having a great weekend.  Peace!





tendernoggle said...

So glad that you got to go out for a long as you are with friends or a loved one, it doesn't matter so much about the other stuff being bad!!!
love ya,

am4039 said...

how cute of your 7 year old Nephew. Well sometimes it doesn't matter what you do but you can alway have a good time anyway. Glad that you went out and had a good time.

lisa41076 said...

Jenn, Somehow I came across your journal and I like it, I have an online journal too, let me know if you would like the link, Take Care Lisa aka