Thursday, September 14, 2006

Why be mad?

I don't have all that much to write about today.  I started back at work last night.  It was busy, I think I was on my feet the entire time between 7 pm and midnight.  I discharged one patient and got 2 new admits as well as having 2 other patients.  Somehow I managed to keep up with all of the paperwork and was actually looking for things to do to waste away the night.  We're encouraged to give baths, but I am in total disagreement regarding waking a person up in the early morning hours to bathe them.  Personally, I think sleep is more important.  We wake them up enough through the night with vital signs, respiratory treatments, medications and blood draws not to mention the numerous times if a lead from the telemonitor comes off.  So unless they really, really need a bath, I opt for sleep.

I'm not going to even go into the patients I had last night.  There is nothing that really stands out other than I don't understand the attitude one gets when they are admitted to the hospital.  Did you not come to the hospital because you were experiencing a problem so severe that it caused you to seek help?  Why are you mad that the doctors want you to stay the night and run some tests to see what caused the problem?  Both of my new admits were pissed they had to stay the night.  The thing don't have to.  It's not a prison, you can leave if you do have that option.  I realize the hospital is not a lot of fun, but neither is having a problem that worries you so much you seek medical help.  Rather than be mad, be glad that you live in a country that allows you to freely seek medical help.  Be glad that there are resources around you that want to ease your mind & find out what is wrong.  Basically, be thankful for your blessings.  They could very well be the reason that you see another sun rise.

I did pick up another shift tonight - so it's time to go get ready for work.  Have a good night y'all. 


geminisolo said...

And you have a good night too..... Gem x

jshav123 said...

Amen, Jen.  I just don't understand it either. Maybe in some weird way it's the only way they can cope when faced with maybe having a serious medical issue. Here's wishing you a good night.  :)


tendernoggle said...

You too hon..get some rest!
love ya,

lisa41076 said...

Jen , you sound like you are such a good nurse !!!!!!!!!!!! Hang in there, I get difficult customers at my store so I know how it is, Hugs Lisa