Friday, September 1, 2006


I got the most amazing email the other day from a gentleman named Joe. With his permission, I want to share it with everyone...

Hi Jenn,

My name is Joe; After I retired from an Occupational Health career with the State of New York my wife and I decided to move to Florida (where else). That was 4 years ago. Anyhow, I spent some time volunteering at our local Wildlife Park but had this passion to return to bedside nursing.

At 59 and after 30 years away from clinical nursing I decided to take a 200 hour refresher course, a 35 hour IV Therapy course and my BLS. After completion, I interviewed with a local hospital and got the job. I have been there a month and I can honestly say that most of my fears about returning have been eliminated (the only thing I fear now is doing a female Foley)

OK, the reason for this email. About 6 months ago I started reading and came accross a post of yours that had your journal website attached to your signiture. I got so hooked reading your entries that I went back to your original journal entry and read every one of them. I have got to tell you, it was your words that got me back into nursing and I am forever gratefull to you for that. You are so easy to read, both smart and funny...very funny. I learned so much from you...

Well anyhow, I posted all of this on the allnurses website (my first post on that site). I can't remember the Subject line but it had "Jenns Journal" in it. It lasted about 4 hours before it was pulled. When I asked why they told me it was because it looked like I was promoting your website...uh. The email said that a moderator had to review it.

Just let me say again Jenn, thanks so much for your inspiration. My wife would also like to thank you because I out of the house more often, lol.

Oh ya...Go JR. He came in a strong 3rd last nite at Bristol.

Take care,


Thanks, Joe. Your email put a smile on my face. :)


cah601 said...

How very nice of Joe to write such great things about you.  AND GUESS WHAT JEN, they are all true.

siennastarr said...

How very nice!  It's amazing the lives we touch and don't even know it!


tendernoggle said...

Joe knows what I ahve known all along...You are a good person and a caring nurse...and I so wish we had more people in this world like you.
love ya,

beachbumrn07 said...

I admit Jenn, your blog has kept me excited as well.  I came upon your site in my first semester of Nursing School.  Your entries are honest, real and funny too.  I tune it at least once a week to see if there is anything new.  I especially like it when you talk about a typical nurse's shift because I have to admit, I am starting to get a little nervous as I only have my current semester and one more left.

Great Job.

l7cupid said...

Thanks to both you and Joe for sharing such a wonderful story.  That's a beautiful tribute to a beautiful person.  The inspiration you give to others would probably amaze you.  I happen to be one of those lucky people.  Thanks, friend!   Linda

chelli4273 said...

Hello Jen! Congradulations and continued success in all of your endeavors! The letter you posted here is the exact one that led me to your online journal, and let me say I found it mesmerizing!!!!! Thank you for all that you do, and I want you to know that you inspired me to start my own journal as of today! I can only hope that it reads as well as yours does...bye for now!

PS-You have made cardiac nursing very appealing to a new nurse with NO idea of what specialty to choose other than Med-Surg.... :)