Sunday, November 26, 2006

Not a new nurse anymore

Where oh where has the time gone? I'm approaching my second anniversary of graduation from nursing school. It's official...I'm not a new nurse It was confirmed when we got an email regarding this head to toe assessment seminar that is happening this coming Thurs & Friday at our hospital. The email said that they are only paying for certain nurses to attend...mostly the newer nurses & that they would be contacted personally so they would know who they are. I wasn't I guess they are confident that I am fine with my assessment skills & thus I no longer fall into the "new nurse" role anymore. We can still attend the seminar if we want, but I really don't want to. Not that I don't think it is helpful & beneficial....but two 8 hour days going over assessment info??? No thanks. Besides, I'm working Friday night so it wouldn't work out anyways schedule wise.

Speaking of work - I just can't get into it. I've taken too much time I did work this past Wednesday. It is so simple now with the computers...hours of charting only take minutes now. It's wonderful. I had 4 patients that night who all wanted to pretty much be left alone to get some sleep. I'm fine with that...I think they are sleep deprived at the hospital anyways with all the interruptions. I was planning to work this weekend also...but thus...I didn't.

My was a 23 yr old who has had her period for approx. 2 weeks. I guess this is common for her although the doctors don't know why. As a result, her H&H dropped to 6.0 & 17 = really not good. Needless to say, she received 3 units of red blood cells. My next patient was someone with kidney failure & she should have gone home that evening except that she is unable to even stand up, much less walk. Her insurance won't pay for rehab & the doctor didn't feel comfortable sending her home if she couldn't take care of herself. So they were planning on arranging home health care the next day. My third patient slept pretty much the entire shift. She has cancer all over & the edema is taking over...3+ pitting. She didn't even want to move, didn't want to be bothered, didn't want anything to eat or drink. What am I going to do other than allow her requests? My fourth patient was a new admit that I volunteered for. A male in his 50's with respiratory issues. I figure usually the younger the better & he was pretty stable. He had one episode in which he needed a breathing treatment, but other than that...he slept. So it was an easy night that went by so very slowly.

Tomorrow I'm gonna go watch the Chicago Bears football game (Go Bears!!!). Monday night I have a volleyball tournament. So I may work Tuesday night. I'm not scheduled so I'll play it by ear. I am definitely working Friday, Saturday & Sunday....I think that is when I'll go for working a bunch of days in a row & make up for all this time I took off. Ahhh, the flexibility of part-time...I love it.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. I spent mine at my parents home with about 30 other people...mixture of family & friends. That day & Christmas Day are my favorite days of the year...because we all get together. The time goes by too quickly though. I guess that's how it is the older I get.

Thanks to those of you who gave me camera advice. I did end up getting the camera I ordered & I like it. Of course I'm having buyer's remorse which is what I usually have anytime I buy myself something expensive. I will keep this though - I've needed a camera & digital is the way to go. It is a great deal....Polaroid I733...$149. It goes up to 7 megapixels & it's pink for breast cancer awareness. I got it at if anyone wants a great camera & an awesome price...there ya go. Now if only someone had warned me to buy rechargeable :)

I feel like my journal has been boring lately...I haven't had anything major going on with any of my patients. I'm knocking on wood while typing Not that I wish for a crazy shift, but something interesting would be nice. We shall see...


karlaellen said...

I think your journal is interesting and enjoy reading
about any patients you have.
I pray for them.
I felt sad a couple years ago when I had by pass surgery
and the hospital minister stopped at the door way
to say good evening (the night before surgery)
but did offer to pray with me or for me.
Perhaps I was supposed to ask him too?

jlester961 said...

Found your journal online, I remember those first few years in the hospital. I work as a visit nurse now in a rural area in WV (I'm originially from Eastern LI)  and don't miss the hospital too much I have to admit! I've got 5 patients (tops) a day, if I finish early I'm done, and I still do infusions, wound care, etc. And since I'm out and about I often shop between patients and photograph old grave sites - but I do sometimes still miss the excitement of the surgical trauma floor