Saturday, November 18, 2006

A week off

I've been off for the last week for a couple of reasons.  One being...I've been sick.  I started out with a scratchy throat & next thing I knew I was achy & tired.  Now I have more of a head cold, but a little more I think I'm getting better...hopefully.  I don't want to be sick on Thanksgiving. 

The other reason is one of my friends broke her foot.  I took her to the doctor & have been helping her out a little bit.  She's supposed to get a cast put on it next week...after the swelling goes down.  Poor girl. 

My schedule this week is pretty light unless I decide to pick up some shifts.  So far I'm only scheduled for Wednesday night.  Have to prepare for shopping madness this weekend.  Well, staying away from it.  I hate the crowds & hoping to do some shopping online.

I forgot to end my last entry with one of my favorite things so I'll have two in this entry.  The first being...Emmitt Smith.  Anyone that watched Dancing with the Stars knows why.  He was spectacular.  Enough said.  My other is hot chocolate on a cold morning.  Is there anything better?  :)


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