Friday, March 6, 2009

Last Day of the 30's

I simply can't believe it. Tomorrow I turn 40. I don't know how that happened. I certainly don't feel 40 years old & thankfully I don't look it either. Still though....40. Aacckk!

I got a call last night from the supervisor at the other hospital that I occasionally work at...saying that I was supposed to be there last night. What??? I haven't signed up for any shifts since the end of January. The manager says she has email confirmation...which is impossible because 2 days ago she was asking if I knew what days I might be available this month. I felt bad that they would be short a nurse....but that's the manager's fault, not mine.

I'm trying to relax a little bit when it comes to my usual hospital. I spoke to someone that works at another hospital within the same organization & she says they aren't having any problems. They just got huge bonuses and raises. It's discouraging & makes me wonder if one of our execs is embezzling money or something. Oh well, I'll ride it out & see what happens. If I didn't enjoy my co-workers so much, I'd leave......but it really does make a difference going to work somewhere when you enjoy the people you work with.

I'm picking up my niece & nephew this afternoon & heading over to my parents house. We have a lobster dinner planned (it's the usual birthday dinner). Tomorrow I'm meeting up with one of my best friends & staying the night at Buena Vista Palace...a hotel by Disney. It will be a nice getaway. Next week I'm hoping to remodel my room and well as fit in other lunches or dinners to celebrate my

We'll see if what they say is true....that life begins at 40. Have a good weekend everyone!!!


sophistikatedsmiley said...

Have a greattt birthday! Age is nothing but a number! It's how you feel that matters :)

Amanda said...

Happy Birthday Jen!!! I think 40 will be a fabulous year for you. Starting it off with a losbster dinner and a remodeled bedroom is just the beginning :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! You've got quite a bit on your plate for this weekend and the lobster part sounds delicious! Have fun!

Julie said...

Happy Birthday.

dx_acutefelicity said...

you are 40 years young! happy birthday! you know what they say.... 40 is the new 20. :-)

have a great day!

Pamela said...

Happy Birthday to you! Remember that Forty isn't Fatal. I remember Linda Evan's saying that when I was in my 20's on some commercial. What about 50?? I'll be 50 in Novemeber! EEEEKKKKSSSSS...I can't even SAY it without shivering!
Have a good weekend.

Carlene Noggle said...

love ya,