Monday, March 2, 2009

Non-stop call lights

I should have known last night would not go well. It started off way too smoothly. I started with 3 patients and soon got a transfer from ICU.

My first patient only spoke spanish. I speak about 10 words of spanish. This patient was sleeping at the beginning of my shift, but soon woke up & was awake the rest of the night complaining of back pain. I gave her 2 Darvocets & prayed they would make her sleepy. God must have been busy last night, because the pills didn't help at all. She was not only awake all night, but constantly pressing her call light.

My second patient was a 92 yr old woman. She was the most mobile of all my patients. Kinda sad, isn't it? She was 100% with it too. Makes me hope that if I do grow old, that my mind remains intact. I doubt it will though. Because this patient was so mobile, whenever she had to go to the bathroom, it required assistance to the bedside commode. She warned me she'd have to go every 1/2 hour & she sure did. Up, down, up, down...all night long.

My third patient was spanish speaking also, but understood some english. She was complaining to me about how she is expected to learn english, but we aren't expected to learn spanish. That's the way it is, dear. She was also in pain, some type of leg pain. I gave her Tylenol & she seemed to be in competition with my first patient about who could use their call light the most.

My fourth patient was a transfer from ICU. She was confused...totally out of her mind, but came across as though she was of sound mind. I knew something was off when she couldn't remember her dog's name. This one managed to crawl out of bed. That doesn't sound so bad, does it? Well, did I mention she decided to do this after having a bowel movement & crawling her way thru it to get out bed? Yuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My entire night was like that. I felt like a ball in a pinball machine. Not good. So what do I do about it? I immediately make sure I don't get those patients back again tonight...I erased my name from the board & added my name by a nurse who isn't back today & claimed her patients were fine. Hopefully I won't jinx myself, but I cannot take another night of call light city.

What's the other thing I did? Went to the store after work & bought some candy & ice cream & ate it until I felt a little better. Sad, isn't it? Why can't broccoli & green beans be my comfort food? Now that I've eaten 9304234 calories this morning...I'm going to bed. Have a good week everyone!


Amanda said...

Ah, Symphony of the Bells. I think you already worked off all those calories running back and forth last night. Enjoy your sleep and hope the rest of your week is easy as pie. (with a scoop of icecream on the side!)

Pamela said...

Hope you have a good sleep and that tonight is better for you.

Karin, RN said...

Call light city--we all have to go there ONCE in a while. Have a good day.

Young said...

It's really hard working at a time like this. As for me I still can't forget when I was having my duties on the ICU for 2 weeks everyday starting 10PM to 6PM. My patients are almost all in a critical condition that I don't have time to pause or have a break. I need to check them every hour.

sophistikatedsmiley said...

Gotta love those chronic call bell patients!