Sunday, May 31, 2009

So Very Sweet

Some co-workers insisted on taking those of us that are leaving - out to lunch.....they are so very sweet!!!!!!! We went to Chili's (yummmm). They bought us lunch & even presents. They gave us cards that made us cry with what they wrote inside. It was so surprising....and so touching. Of course we tried to convince them to come with us. They just might...once their contract runs out in a few months. They aren't happy we are we said "Come join us!"

The new hospital is starting to ask "What is going on at your hospital that everyone wants to leave?" comment. I stuck to the story of being overstaffed. Don't want to sound disgruntled & it is the truth. Well, was the truth...soon they will be scrambling & probably hiring agency to cover the gaps. They seem to think that by hiring new grads with a $5,000 sign-on bonus (yet they have no money for raises???)....that it will make up for those of us leaving. Yeah, ok. Good luck with that.

So far 5 of us will be starting at the new hospital on June 15th. Another 3 or 4 will be out of there by fall & who knows what the future holds. That's just about half of their night staff on that floor. Now I heard some of our techs are trying to get hired at the new hospital too. I hope they get nice would that be....starting not only with nurses I am used to working with, but techs too. Sweeeeet!

I have a meeting with the Director of Nursing this Thursday. She wants to know why I'm leaving. I had started a list of reasons why, but have decided against even talking about it. I'm not here to help make this hospital a better place...partly because I'm leaving & partly because I don't think she really cares. If she did, she'd be meeting with those that are still hopes of retaining them. If anyone has problems with the way the hospital is, then they can convey that to her directly. It's not my job. I am not their messenger. I'll answer her questions, but it will be a very brief meeting. I'm not crazy about having to come into work an hour early to meet with her. Nothing like having a 13-14 hour work day because of this. Oh well...only 4 shifts left!!!!!

I'm off now until Thursday. The plan is to paint my room, buy a king size bed & some nightstands. Get organized...story of my life. One day I will achieve it!!!!!!


Pamela said...

I always thought it was better to leave on good terms. Don't wanna burn any bridges. You might have to cross that bridge again, yanno? Around here the medical community is very small.
Just keep it short, polite, and thank her for the opportunity to work there. End of story. They won't do anything to fix it because of your one exit interview, anyway.
Good luck! Let us know how it goes.

Grumpy, M.D. said...

They won't give a crap why you are leaving. Best to say you are moving to expand your horizons, or it's closer to your house, or whatever.

Never want to burn bridges. You may end up lookign for work there again someday.