Saturday, December 4, 2010

Some updates! much going on...

*have lost 17.9 lbs in the last month with the help of Weight Watchers

*am very proud of myself for losing that weight considering I've had a sprained ankle for the last month & haven't been able to do much cardio

*have lost a total of 34 lbs if you count what I lost before starting WW

*my ankle on a good day is 90% better, on other days it's around 70%.....right now it's having a 90% day :)

*my knee is just about healed...which is a quick reminder of how amazing the human body is & the healing process

*working weekends only has been soooooo refreshing; I no longer feel overworked or overtired....just as the hard work is beginning to wear me down, my 2 day shift is over & I have 5 days for ME

*Christmas shopping will be a breeze this family decided to do a grab bag name thingy, so technically I only have to buy for one person...and he's a millionaire, what do you get a millionaire? Haven't decided Of course I'm still gonna buy for my youngest niece & nephew since they are just kids. It is really nice not to be running around trying to figure out what to buy 10 to 15 other people.

*That also means I can buy myself a new tv...which is yet to be determined. More details later.

*had a patient who was nearly 100 yrs old....Baker Acted because she tried to commit suicide. She has breathing problems & was tired of the she took some sleeping pills. It's just a reminder that this country should have some humane way for people to leave Earth when they reach a certain age & are of sound mind to decide so. To make them wait until they are suffering....I just don't get it. Animals are treated better when it comes to stuff like this. And to be Baker Acted when you're nearly a century old...seriously??? Ridiculous!

*had another patient that started crying when she found out I wouldn't be back the next night. I've never had anyone react like that. Crying.......tears & tears. It's kinda nice to know we do impact some people's lives.

*our manager got we are manager-less; I'm hoping whoever they do hire in the future doesn't impact our unit negatively; we have managed to go from being the floor no one ever wanted to work now a waiting list & we did that in one year; I don't want to lose that.

*one of my favorite nurses ever is retiring at the end of this month; happy for her, sad for me :(

That's all for now...have a great weekend!!!

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Amanda said...

That is so awesome about the weight loss Jenn!!!! Time for a new wardrobe :) Did you ever see the documentary about Dr. Kevorkian? I think once you see how some people suffer, you totally see why he did what he did. I had a patient who had a terminal extubation on Sunday and didn't pass until THURSDAY night. Yes, she was on a dilaudid drip, but her poor family sat at her bedside praying for her to die and listetning to her gurgle and choke for 5 days!