Thursday, April 5, 2012

Blah blah blah

I still have yet to hear anything more from my old hospital. I'm taking it as a sign as I don't belong. I mean if they are this disorganized with the hiring process, I can only imagine this is a reflection of the entire organization. I mean this area is in great need of experienced nurses. So when the chance to hire one comes along, they snap you up pretty quickly....except that place. Oh well, it is making me think of other nicu or mother/baby type units. I'm in no rush. Lately work has been pretty good & we have evals coming up which means raises. So I shall stick around while still thinking of other units that might meet my needs in the near future.

I have slept non-stop the last 2 days...not sure why. Maybe I'm fighting a cold. I have the same icky cough I started with last August. It's all in my throat, not my chest...but it is icky sounding & tasting. Let's hope it passes. I don't have the patience to be sick.

Our HCAHPS scores for the first quarter are better than they are off our case for now. Those scores are so unrealistic that I'm not sure how it is even possible. The two categories we need to improve to patient communication and cleanliness. Tell does that become the nurses responsibility? They told us "WE" need to work on it. I say the doctors & housekeepers need to work on it. Nurses have 6 of their own categories to work on, we don't need other staff members categories added on to ours. We can't do it all!

Tomorrow I'm gonna go weigh in. I know I've lost a few pounds. I've been eating so much fruit & salad. My body is craving Chick-fil-a. My mind is looking forward to Olive Garden tomorrow afternoon. Gonna go visit the parents & take my mom to lunch & shop. I also get to see my puppy dog. I had a dream last night that I let her run I opened my car door & let her jump out & leave. Then the rest of the dream I spent trying to find her. Two weird things....people kept sending me where they thought she was & I'd see a dog that looked 95% like her...very vividly in the dream. Yet I was calling out the name of my dog I had before her. I woke up all confused & a little sad...but once I realized she really hadn't run away, I was ok. It just felt so real. She stays mostly at my parents house now because her & my dad are super attached to one another. He's going on vacation soon, so I'll have her back for a little while. She just looks so bored at my house as opposed to his.

I still have the guy, but I'm kind of annoyed with him again. I don't think he even realizes it cause I haven't said anything. Then again, maybe it's pms that has me annoyed & he just is my focus as a result. Being a woman is soooooo much fun!

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