Thursday, April 26, 2012

Interview Complete

I had my interview this morning.  It was with a manager that had started a couple years after I left.  So she was explaining the unit to me, which in my head I thought was hilarious as this was the exact unit I left 3 years ago.  She didn't build it up...she said it was fast-paced, that the doctors can usually be jerks & there isn't much she can do about it...that she's tried with no success & that it is pretty much primary care nursing even though we usually have a tech.  We also talked about patient satisfaction scores & how ridiculous the government is allowing it to become.  At my current hospital...they want to videotape us "rounding" so we can see how we really are.  As if being followed with a camera won't throw us off at all.  Ugh, what more can they come up with??????  I should stop asking that question.

Anyways, I felt the interview went fine except she wasn't sure they had anymore night positions open.  Ugh.  So she suggested days & although it is not my first choice...I will leave it in God's hands.  Maybe days would be better for me.  The thought of having a normal sleep schedule sounds like paradise...but the thought of not having that night time pay differential sounds like a nightmare.  Oh is out of my hands.  I just know I want out of where I'm at & soon.  If not, I have an IV checkoff to do, net learning to do, a "treasure hunt" to do...ugh...just let me be a nurse & leave me alone.  Hopefully I'll hear something soon.  This definitely is not the best time to be applying for nursing jobs....the spring/summer census is dropping as all our "snow birds" are going back up north.  Oh well.....whatever is meant to be will happen.

My back is a million times better.  I am grateful for Tramadol.  It allowed me to feel human again.

Weigh-in tomorrow morning...I'm thinking I lost at least 4 lbs.  It hasn't been that hard far.  I still need to add in exercise soon.  :)

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