Monday, April 2, 2012

I'm Backkkkkkk

The cruise was awesome....but went by way too fast. I have another one planned...for 7 days, but that isn't until August. Seems so far away!

Update on the job situation....well, I heard from the old hospital & it seems they have decided to eliminate the Baylor weekend option. Ugh. This always seems to happen just as I get interested in it. So that is out the door. They asked if I was interested in full time & they offered me an hourly rate that is just under $3 less than what I'm currently making. Ridiculous that there is that much of a difference. I said despite that, I'm still interested. I figured with less money spent on gas & less time as far as driving (10 minutes vs. 40 min), that I could live with making less money. So she went on to say that since there is a new manager taking over April 1, that she needs to see if the new manager would like to interview me or just take the recommendation from the interim manager that has already interviewed me. That was last Tuesday. I haven't heard another word.

And wouldn't you know it, at my current hospital...the last 3 weeks have been wonderful. Not easy, but not overwhelming either. So now I'm left wondering what to do. I'm leaning towards staying....mostly because it is my comfort zone. Going to a different hospital is like starting at a new school. One of my friends was going to make the switch too, but now she's had stuff come up & she can't make any changes right now. I don't know what to do.

So I decided to re-join Weight Watchers. Perhaps if my main focus is on something other than work, things will be better. And I need to lose weight & exercise. Enough stressing about work, I'm determined to get back to being me. I figure the rest will fall into place (hopefully).

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Amanda said...

Glad you had a nice vacation. I really hope the job thing works out well for you. The $3/hr is NOTHING compared to what you will save in gas!!