Sunday, April 17, 2005

Beautiful Day

I'm just getting ready to head to work in about 10 minutes.  It is a beautiful day here in Florida - sunny, breezy, cool - just beautiful.  I hope it's like this during the week so I can get some sun & maybe even a little yardwork done. 

I worked last night - it wasn't bad.  Only one episode of chest pain (not mine) that lasted approx 5 min.  Her cardiac enzymes (2 sets) were both negative, so I don't believe it was heart related.  I had another gentleman that came in because his left hand had been numb & he was having a hard time moving his fingers.  While filling out the admitting assessment form, there is a question regarding "drug use" - as if anyone is actually going to tell me they do pot, cocaine, heroin, etc.  They all say "No, never" or "many many years ago."  I got the same response from this gentleman, but people - anytime you come in with stroke like symptoms, they are going to do a drug screen on you.  I won't say what his results were, but he was lying to me <sigh>.  By morning, he was able to move his hand/fingers & was feeling better.  We'll see how he's doing when I return tonight.  My other two patients were pretty manageable - another lady admitted with chest pain & a gentleman with a pneumothorax.  Both rested quite well through the night.  I'm hoping for another good night tonight. 

On a good note, Dale Jr. finally placed in the top 10 in today's race in Texas.  Go Dale, go Dale - win it next time!  #8

Peace, y'all!


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firewolfrn said...

Keep up the enthusiasim. After 20 plus years of nursing I can sure identify with this. LMAO