Thursday, April 21, 2005

This is it!

Tonight will be my last night with a preceptor!   We had a department meeting last night.  Afterwards one of the clinical leaders asked me if I thought I was ready to be on my own.  I do feel ready, for the most part anyways.  I know I'll encounter situations in the future that I haven't dealt with yet & that makes me a little nervous, however, the only way to deal with it is to experience it first hand, right? 

One nice thing about this hospital, we get to set our own schedules.  So I'll be working Sun, Mon & Tues for the next 2 months.  I like it because I still have my weekends free for the most part.  Gina pretty much has the same schedule.  I wonder if they'll split us up (our dept is on 2 floors).  I hope not, it would be nice to help each other out if we need help. 

Work went well over the weekend - pretty much uneventful with my patients.  When I arrived at work Sunday night, there were 2 patients on the floor that needed to have a thorocentesis.  I observed the first one & then assisted in the second one.  It was interesting.  The doctor was polite, welcomed me to the hospital & explained what he was doing step-by-step.  My patients on Monday were pretty easy to care for.  I had one that was confused & had to have wrist restraints on so she wouldn't pull out her IV or try to get out of bed.  She even tried to bite me!  It was like dealing with a toddler.  So strange how some people do revert back to being a child as they age.  One of my other patients asked why I was checking on her so often.  I said I just wanted to make sure she was ok (I had the time to check on them).  She replied "The other nurses I've had hardly ever came into the room."  How sad!  I felt like a mama bear checking on her 

My friend Julie's grandmother passed away yesterday morning.  I'll always remember her saying to me years ago "Who are you keeping company with?"  My thoughts & prayers are with you Julie!!!

Ok, time for me to get some sun.  It's another beautiful day here in Florida & I've already slept for nearly 10 hours - so I'll probably be up the rest of the day & rely on some caffeine to keep me up through the night.  Gina's working tonight also, so I'll have someone to chat with.  See ya!

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