Friday, April 1, 2005

Home Invasion??? Shooting???

Drama, drama, I cannot stand drama!!!!!!

I'll try to make a long story short...I had to work on Wednesday evening.  About 10 minutes before I was to leave my house to go to work, some guy was knocking on my door.  I looked out my window (where he couldn't see me) & I didn't recognize him.  I live in a somewhat rural wooded area - there was no reason anyone I don't know should even be knocking on my door.  Needless to say, I didn't answer. After he gave up & left, I opened my door to see if maybe he had left me a note or something.  Nothing!  I decided to look under my doormat because I own a different house (that I rent out)& thought maybe the rent check would be there. 

Instead of a check, there is a note with a house key.  The note reads "Due to the recent home invasion & shooting of my son, he no longer will be renting your home."  Huh???  Home invasion???  Shooting???  In my house???  What?????????????????????????????????

I didn't have any time to find out much in details because I had to get to work.  It was going through my mind though - like was this some random home invasion/shooting or did he know who shot him?  Why would someone break into a home & shoot someone (especially my renter???).  Throughout the night I was able to piece together the story.  First my renter tried to say he was walking his dog down the street & it was a drive-by shooting.  I knew that couldn't be possible because stuff like that doesn't happen in this town & plus I would think I'd hear about it.  Anyways.....the real story as it stands is...


Two men trying to collect a debt at gunpoint went further than they apparently intended when one man, while trying to pistol-whip a victim, accidentally fired his gun. The stray bullet struck another victim, scaring the defendants ? out of the home Saturday afternoon. The shooting victim?s injuries were not life threatening and he was taken to the hospital by a friend. Investigators had no problem finding one of the gunmen, though, since he left his name and number where they could easily find it.

Sheriff?s deputies were called to Florida Hospital at approximately 1:18 p.m. to see a patient there, Kelly, who said two men had stormed into his house and shot him. While piecing together the facts of the incident, investigators found out that the victim who had been pistol-whipped on the head, Jesse, was actually the men?s primary target. Jesse told investigators that the confrontation between him and the defendants started about six months ago when he had first owed money to some associates of the defendants. On Wednesday, the gunmen, confronted Adkins at a gas station about the money still owed, Jesse said, and they had a brief physical fight.  

The gunmen then went to the victim?s home Saturday to collect the debt. They got into the house through an open front door and forced Kelly into Jesse's bedroom. That?s when one of the gunmen hit Jesse on the head, which caused the gun to go off, shooting Kelly.  Both defendants then fled. 

Investigators easily tracked down one of the gunmen. Following the fight Wednesday at the gas station, he had discovered that his wallet was missing so he went back to find it. It wasn?t there so he left his name and phone number with the store?s clerk. Once deputies found him, he admitted to the accidental shooting. Further investigation then led to the arrest of the other gunmen. 

The deputies? work was not done yet, though, as it was discovered that Jesse had an open warrant. He was arrested, charged with obtaining property with aworthless check. The gunmen were both charged with armed burglary and aggravated battery. All three men were booked into the County Jail in Daytona Beach. 

So that is the story.  Luckily, Kelly was not injured badly.  In fact, I don't think you can get any less injured if you were shot at close range in the chest with a gun.  The bullet went right through the center of his chest - it did not damage any blood vessels, internal organs or his lungs.  Just a clean shot that went in & right back out & into the wall at my house.  <sigh>  He wasn't even kept overnight at the hospital!


  Nah, I'm definitely is a true story. really did happen!!!!  I wouldn't lie to you.  :)

I went & checked out the house today...I was rather surprised that it was as clean as it was.  I didn't expect a single guy to do a good job at moving out.  It will need some repairs, like new flooring & some paint...but it's in pretty good shape.  Now the wonderful task of finding new renters...lucky me!

  Anyways, I have been up now since 2 pm on Thursday...time for me to get in a nap before going out to have some fun tonight.  I worked both Wednesday night & Thursday night...plenty of details to come as I have been on what feels like a rollercoaster ride between work & this recent turn of events.  Ciao for now!!!

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