Friday, July 21, 2006

Travel Nursing

I've been asked what the benefits of travel nursing are...Linda...just for's the info!!!

Free Furnished Private Housing - on every assignment. Subsidy available.
Double Time for Overtime - on most assignments
Travel Allowance - $400 to $600 per assignment. Paid again if you extend!
Day 1…Free Health and Dental Insurance – No Deduct.
Immediate $20,000 Life Insurance Policy
Immediate 401K Enrollment – with a company match of 50%
License Reimbursement – 100% for each new license required
Immediate Direct Deposit
Vacation Pay
CEU Reimbursement - plus 30 free CEU’s per year
Income Revenue Saver - our Tax Advantage program- $210 per week tax free                                                                                         
And the hourly pay rate is usually somewhere between $30-50/hr.

Can you see why I'm looking forward to it?  On top of all those pretty much can choose whatever location you want to travel to & you can change locations every 2 to 3 months if you want!


tendernoggle said...

ALL I CAN SAY IS.........WOW!!!!!!!!!

am4039 said...

wow sounds great to me.

l7cupid said...

Thanks Jen!!  The benefits are incredible!  When do we start? ;-)  It would be hard to pass up an opportunity like that.  I'll be looking forward to updates along the way.  Thanks again!   Linda