Sunday, July 2, 2006

What a great weekend!

Look at the's after 4 a.m. & I'm wide awake.  So much for having my sleep schedule straightened out, right?  I fell asleep for about an hour earlier tonight watching the Pepsi 400 Daytona race....just enough of a nap to re-energize me.  It works out though since I'm working later tonight...I'll just stay up until morning & then sleep all day. 

Speaking of the Pepsi 400.....did everyone see who won??? man TONY STEWART!!!  Add to it that Friday night Dale Jr. won the Busch race & it makes it a great weekend since they are my two favorite drivers.  I'm happy!

I've been reading a little about Graves Disease & hypothyroidism & cholesterol.  I did not realize just how rare Graves Disease is in children.  I mean I know when I was younger that the doctors didn't know exactly how to treat me because they had never seen it before in a child...but now that I'm older...I can't believe just how rare it is.  They say something like 0.02% develop it as a child.  I also have Pernicious Anemia...which basically means my body doesn't absorb B12 orally so I have to give myself an injection monthly.  I have no idea how I ended up with that either as it's not really supposed to affect younger people (I've had it for 10 yrs) - it's usually when people are elderly & their body doesn't work as good as it used to....or people that have had abdominal surgeries.  I had my gallbladder out, but I don't think that caused it.  I wonder if it's connected to the thyroid problem...I mean they both are autoimmune diseases.  I'll investigate it later. 

Anywayssssss...I read that one of the symptoms of hypothyroidism can be elevated cholesterol I'm wondering if maybe that's the reason my cholesterol is higher than usual.  It will be interesting to compare when I get labs done again in a few months & see if anything has changed once I get my thyroid back under control.  I'm like a science experiment waiting to 

Also, as I read the other symptoms of hypothyroidism...I suddenly feel like I have every single one of  Actually...I have felt more forgetful & scatterbrained lately, but I thought it was just the aging process (I'm writing as though I'm 85).  In fact...just as an example...referring back to Gina's patient with the low blood sugar.  When the lab called, they told me the patient's name & room number.  Before finding Gina, I went in to assess the patient.  He was responsive, talking to me, answering appropriately.  I asked him if he would drink some milk & eat some crackers...he told me he would even though he wasn't hungry or thirsty.  So I left to go get some milk & ran into Gina...handed her the milk carton & told her the guy seemed ok.  A few minutes later, she comes back to the nurses station & says "he's not responding to me."  I was like "What?  He was talking to me just fine."  So as she's looking at his medication list to see if he has any D50 ordered, I go back into the patient's room & sure enough, he's talking to me.  I yell to Gina that he's fine, he can eat & drink.  I come out of the room & she's like "That's not my patient."  Ooopppsss!  Her patient was in the next room!!!!!  That first guy must have thought I was insane to wake him up at 5 am to see if he would drink some  So I have been a little absent-minded on occasion.  Hopefully I can blame it all on my thyroid.  :)

I'm looking at a scrubs catalog.  If anyone wants a good deal on scrubs...try  I really like what they offer.  I'm disappointed though...the scrub pants I like were discontinued - not that it matters right now as I have plenty of scrubs, but I'm hoping that style comes back.  They are kind of stretchy....they have some spandex in the material.  It's just really comfortable..especially when you have to bend down to empty a foley or pick up something off the floor. 

Ok, time for me to play the latest game I'm addicted to on which is Word Whomp.  Thanks for listening to me ramble. Byeeeeee!!!

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tendernoggle said...

OMG!!!! I laughed so hard about the guy you tried to eat cookies and milk!!!!! lol lol lol No wonder he wasn't giving you any trouble!!!!!
take care hon,