Sunday, June 21, 2009

First Night on New Job Complete...check

As you know...I went into work last night from 11 pm to 7 am. First night on the job....and it was an easy night. I was there with 2 others from my old job...we were to get acquainted with the unit and do some CBL's (computer based learning). Everyone was friendly....even the travelers whose jobs we are taking away. We got a tour of the entire hospital and I met up with one of my friends that has been working there since we graduated from nursing school.

Her floor is super nice....oncology. That floor & the new cardiac floor are simply beautiful. Large patient rooms - all private - with 50" flat screen tv's that have internet capability. Couches in the rooms so a family member can stay the night comfortably. The bathrooms are big too. I'm thinking that it's probably more space than a 1 bedroom in Manhattan!

My floor on the other's part of the old portion of the hospital. We have all private rooms except for 2. I think we can have 47 patients on the floor. There were a few confirmed cases of the H1N1 virus...aka swine flu. Nice to know I've been officially exposed to it. Anyways...the rooms are small, but decent. They had something like 4 admissions, one rapid response and one patient complaining of chest pain. They were saying "We're so busy tonight." Huh??? They don't know what busy is.

The pharmacy is open 24 hrs, we have a unit secretary 24/7, 3 techs and like 10 nurses. I know it's all new & I'm sure we'll find some things to complain about eventually...but for now I will enjoy the good stuff. We are also getting a cost of living raise in August or September. Keep the good stuff coming!

I start my official orientation Monday will last 2 weeks or a total of 6 shifts. It looks like I'll have the same preceptor from start to finish. Hopefully she's nice & teaches well. I submitted my schedule today & am hoping there won't be any problems with it. We shall see. All in was a good night!

Have a Happy Father's Day!


Guzzo said...

Nights are great!

Keep up the good attitude. Sounds like you're going to be happy with your new job.

Julie said...

Sounds pretty good. We don't get a US after 7pm ever and for the 31 patients last night we had 7 nurses which is better then it usually is. we got 9 admits, 2 codes and 2 officially busy as all the other other patients combined patients. But the night went by very fast. Could have, and has been, worse.

LivingDeadNurse said...

Not a fan of nights..but glad it sounds like you like your job. Good luck

Pamela said...

I'm glad you enjoy the new job! The rooms sound GREAT! Good luck!