Friday, June 19, 2009

New Hire Orientation complete...check

It feels like this week has been the longest week ever...because I've had to be out of the house by 6 am every morning to make it to orientation. I am not a morning person. I can stay up through the night & be fine with the morning hours....but to sleep & have to wake up in the morning....ugh, I don't know how people do it. I've been having to nap & struggle to stay awake during orientation. Days are just not my thing.

The first day of orientation was great...listened to the CEO and other administrators talk...very enthusiastic. I had a good feeling when I left orientation on that first day. kinda went downhill as the week progressed. That doesn't mean I have any regrets about just means my expectations were way high after the first day & I should have known that nursing orientation & computer training could not compete with being welcomed to the hospital.

I'm glad the early mornings are over though. Tonight I am scheduled for 8 get familiar with the unit, do a scavenger hunt, computer based learning modules, etc. Two others from my former hospital will be there with it should make things go a bit smoother. It really helped having 6 of us in orientation together.

I went out Wednesday night for dinner with some former co-workers & found out one of them had resigned & is starting at my new hospital next week. I know a few others are interviewing. Administration is trying to avoid responsibility & have told our co-workers that we left because of money & because of our clinical leaders not helping us enough. That wasn't it at all & they know it. Four of us met with the chief nursing there was no doubt as to the reasons we left. It's discouraging hearing how they are trying to blame others, but hopefully those that still work there realize they are lying.

The accounting department is all screwed up too. Some of us got final paychecks, but no check for what was in our paid days off account. Others got their paid days off check, but no regular paycheck. It doesn't make sense. Aggravating. Annoying.

I'll let you know how tonight goes......hopefully the nurses will be welcoming to us & not feel like we are taking over their unit. As of right now...there are 6 of us starting in one unit. It's gonna feel like being right at home....hopefully. :)

Have a good weekend everyone!!!

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Carlene Noggle said...

Hope everything went well for you!