Sunday, June 28, 2009

First Week on the Job....check

Don't wake me up if I am dreaming...but my new job is absolutely, positively wonderful. I cannot get over how it feels to be staffed appropriately. I did not have to answer a single phone nor the call light nor did I have to transport my patients anywhere. We have people that do all that stuff! What this does allow is for me to have time with my patients, time to get medications, time to chart. The only drawback is that the shifts go by slowly because I'm not overwhelmed with things that need to be done.

I'm not complaining...I'd rather have some slow downtime, then a fast-paced underappreciated frenzy. The jury is still out on what I think of the nurses there. It is a mixture of countries...some of which have a very thick accent & I cannot understand much of what they are saying. If I'm having trouble, I can only imagine the elderly population with their hearing not quite in tact. I have one more week of orientation although I feel ready to be on my own already.

The only drawback has been the drive. I get home later in the morning & have to wake up earlier in the afternoon to get ready for I'm losing about an hour of sleep. I'll adjust.

What a shock it is that Michael Jackson died. Another one taken away via drug overdose. When will people learn to stop abusing drugs? It's unfortunate...even though he was strange & a recluse the last 15 yrs, I will miss the guy. He was a big part of the music scene in the 80's when I was growing up & now when I see all his videos being shown non-stop on reminds me of being young again. It's also interesting how everyone just remembers the good & forgets the bad. I guess that's how it's supposed to be when someone passes away.

Not much else is going's nice having a quiet weekend at home. Nothing to do, nowhere to be....just relaxing. Well, there is plenty to do, but I don't want to do anything. So I rest...and relax.

Have a great week!!!!

RIP Michael Jackson, Farrah Fawcett & Ed McMahon


Pamela said...

I'm so glad you are enjoying your job! Hope it stays that way.

Grumpy, M.D. said...

That sounds awesome. Hope it stays good there.