Wednesday, March 2, 2005


Woo hoo!!!!! I did it - I passed the state nursing board exam - I'm an RN!!!!!

It still hasn't really hit me, but I am happy. Gina passed also. We found out around 11 am. I already picked up my work badge that says RN on it. It's been a long 2 1/2 years, but I finally feel like I've accomplished something very worthwhile. No more studying, no more practice nclex questions....freedom!!!!!! In fact, I'm going to start selling my nursing books & nclex study guides on Ebay - I'm tired of having them around the house.

We had grad class today - so boring. A respiratory therapist came in to talk to us about ABG's - the thing is, we already knew everything he was attempting to teach. It seems like this entire "grad class" has just been focused on information that we already know. Do they not realize that they do teach us stuff in nursing school? I wish they would teach more real world things - like how properly call a doctor: what kind of info is he/she going to want, what should we be anticipating, etc. Also, how to handle a difficult patient or family member or how to handle a patient and family who has just been told the patient has a terminal illness. Those kind of situations would be a lot more helpful than what they are currently doing.

I took Kelly to the airport a little while ago. Ivan is coming back from Germany & they are spending the next couple of days in Cocoa. She was all dressed up....dress & heels even. I'm happy for her - hope things work out. I can't believe they are engaged!

I should be out celebrating, but I am tired plus I have a busy week ahead. I work tomorrow night, have my birthday "party" Friday night, work Saturday & Sunday night, my birthday & volleyball on Monday night.....soooo I am staying in tonight & relaxing - and breathing a sigh of relief. :)


juleslolx2 said...

Go Jenn Jenn Go Jenn Jenn the RNN the RNN!!!  Shawn and I are so proud of you we knew you could do it! Never any doubt !  Your awesome jen!  Morgan says way to go and Paige too!! Stress free year for you now and a decent schedule!  Good job Jen!! I love you!!



threedays3028 said...

It feels great doesnt it?

bopeeprn said...

 I am taking my state boards in about 31 hours. Have any last minute advice?
                  Thanks, Lindsey