Monday, March 14, 2005

Some time off

Last night at work was a pretty good night.  I'm getting used to handling 3 patients now.  I had an 80 yr old man diagnosed with TIA.  He was for the most part alert & oriented...kept complaining that he couldn't move his legs, even though he was moving them.  Someone in the ER put in his foley catheter wrong & caused some trauma in his urethra which resulted in a lot of blood which is still bleeding.  They inflated the balloon before reaching the bladder!  The strongest pain med we had for this guy was Tylenol.  I felt bad that I couldn't make him feel better, but with a TIA it's unlikely they would prescribe him anything strong anyways.  My other gentleman is a 45 yr old man that had complete occlusions in his iliac arteries - so young to have that.  He is scheduled today to have some stents put in.  He was very anxious/nervous all night about what to expect today.  I tried to comfort him as best I could considering the circumstances.  I had a new admit last night also...a 21 yr old girl that had a seizure while swimming.  Someone was there to catch her before she went underwater.  In the ER she had another seizure, but she didn't have any of the residual effects so it was tough to determine what was going on with her.  She showed up on my floor wearing a bikini.  Why they didn't have her change into a gown, I'll never understand.  Or maybe she didn't want one, who knows?  They were all stable throughout the night.  I finally felt like I had some idea of what I was doing.  I'm sure that will be short-lived.  I am off the floor until next Saturday night - it will be a nice (nearly) week off.  I have a 1/2 day of class tomorrow & then some freedom to do whatever I want for a few days.  I'm happy!!!!!!

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