Thursday, October 13, 2005

The drama continues

I had a 12-lead EKG class today.  I feel like I've learned nothing other than seeing a Q-wave is not a good thing.  I've got a new respect for cardiologists also.  The heart isn't a very big organ, but man does it have a lot going on in there!  Needless to say, I think I'll be taking the 12-lead EKG class at the other hospital because I feel like I definitely did not grasp any type of understanding of what I'm looking at.

Before the class started, our (Gina & I) manager showed up.  He told us he sent us an email - which of course we haven't read yet because we haven't worked there since Tuesday night.  He goes on to say something like his advice is to branch out & start socializing with the other nurses, that they are feeling slighted that we aren't spending a lot of time with them.  What????  Is this a job or is this a country club?  I am always polite to everyone (can't say the same about Gina...haha) & make small talk "Hey, how's it going?  How are you doing? etc"....but I have no desire to sit around & socialize with these nurses that have already gone out of their way to cause trouble.  I'm blonde, but not dumb.

Our friend in the ICU told us today that the manager of the ICU is considering bringing us into that unit.  I think at this point, it's the only way I would stay at this hospital long-term.  I am eager to learn, but still intimidated by all that happens in ICU.  I also saw an ad at another hospital (farther away) for pediatric ICU - no peds experience necessary.  I'm not sure I could bare to see children in such critical condition though.  I imagine it has to be very heartbreaking - not that seeing an adult in critical condition is some picnic, but children are young & innocent - they have yet to really live life yet & it isn't fair that they have to deal with pain & suffering.  That's my opinion anyways.  I'm thinking it all over.  There are so many opportunities out there that it's difficult to figure out which is the right one.  In the back of my mind is still travel nursing as well as agency nursing.  I figure the answers will come to me (in time) & that I will be led in the direction of where I'm supposed to ultimately be. 

After class was over, I decided to get my haircut.  Sounds like something simple - but for those that know me - it's not one of my favorite activities because my hair grows sooooooooooooooo slowly.  I got about 2 to 3" cut off - it was rough seeing it cut, but the funny thing doesn't feel much different.  I knew the ends were damaged & had to go.  I'm thinking about getting a pedicure this weekend - time to pamper me, right?  What else am I working for?  :)



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dackbdimble said...

it is so nice to see so many people who care about other people ... we can NEVER have enough nurses ... you've a precious soul ...