Tuesday, October 25, 2005


Hurricane Wilma came & went - no problems suffered here by me, but many have wind & flood damage.  We lucked out by having a cold front move in & keep most of the damaging parts of the hurricane away from my area as well as bring in some nice cool temperatures.  It finally feels like fall.  I love this weather.  I've got my windows open & breathing some fresh air.

This morning both Gina & I formally resigned with a two-week notice to the not-so-great hospital.  We worked last night.  It was a pretty good night, however, I told Gina it was probably the calm before the storm.  And as usual - I was right.  :)  Since our manager wasn't there, we put our resignation letters in an envelope & taped it to his door.  About an hour later I received a voicemail acknowledging receipt of my letter.  He also went on to say that according to my contract, I must work an additional four days.  That I must call him back & let him know what days I will work or else he'll simply schedule me & I'll be expected to show up."  Grrrrrrrr!!!!!!  I don't have a contract, we have no agreement, I'm not officially scheduled until Nov 14, which is well over 2 weeks away.  I'm wondering what happens when I don't show up because there is no way I'm going back.  I mean if they didn't treat us right when we were there as staff, how are they going to act knowing we are quitting?  Forget it.  I don't even want to know.  I'm not sure how to handle this.  Any ideas or advice? 

The only thing that worries me is that this hospital organization has a reputation of not allowing rehire at any of their hospitals (they are the largest health organization in the south) if you don't resign the correct way.  I thought I had - giving 2 weeks notice.  Obviously he doesn't agree.  Everything he has told us has been lies, so I am apt not to believe what he's saying now.  There is no contract, no obligation, no agreement...but I do think he would still be able to ban us from any rehire in the future.  Which doesn't bother me at this particular hospital - I'll never go back.  But this is a large organization & I don't want to have a black mark from ever being able to work at a sister hospital of theirs, you know?  Oh well...I guess all I can really do is see how it plays out. 

I was contemplating mailing a letter to human resources so that they have a copy of the resignation letter as well as turning in my badge.  I just don't know how to handle this.

On a brighter note, my first hospital is offering incentives to work...$100 bonus per shift.  Nice!  They are also promising to have more support staff to help.  I'll believe it when I see it.  I worked there on Sunday & I do like the people there - it's nice not feeling/knowing everyone is talking behind your back like at the not-so-great hospital.  There is a job fair tomorrow also that we are going to check out.  Ideally I'd like to go agency, but I need to investigate it all first.  Anyone with any advice?  

I only worked 2 days this week - both relatively good nights.  I am leaning more & more towards cardiac nursing.  Both Gina & I like the chest pain r/o MI patients.  It amazes me that even when someone is having a heart attack, that a lot of the time - they don't even notice it.  I guess because medical intervention has begun & they are receiving pain relief.  I just think back to that image where someone is clutching their chest in great pain, but that isn't what we see in the hospital.  Outside of the hospital I'm sure is a different scenario.  

There is another hospital with a floor specifically for 23 hour observations.  That sounds ideal to me, but I need to find out more information.  I have decided I am not yet ready for ICU.  I want to learn at a gradual pace rather than having everything thrown at me.  I don't thrive off of stress nor do I want to hate going into work.  So maybe after a few years of experience, I may venture in that direction. 

Ok, enough of the boring chit chat.  Have a good night everyone!


claycdk said...

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