Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween everyone!

Nothing exciting going on this week.  It's been very nice having nearly a week off, but the time goes by way too fast.  The job fair was a waste of time.  The hospital we wanted to talk to wasn't even there.  Plus it was more of a student convention, so we were out of place even being there in the first place.  Amazing how just one year can change things though.  Last year we were sooooooo looking forward to the student conventions & this year - no at all.  We have no interest in study guides, nclex reviews, etc.  Even the free pens & merchandise were no big deal this year.  Last year we were lucky enough to have the National Student convention in Daytona Beach.  Gina & I left there with bags & bags of stuff...all free.  One person commented that it looked as though we went shopping!  I still crack up thinking about Gina in the parking lot carrying all of her bags to the car.

Anyways...the next step in gaining experience is to apply to another hospital.  Yep, another hospital - they are starting to get farther & farther away.  We'll have to start carpooling soon.  This hospital is opening a new floor...a 23-hr observation floor.  Sounds interesting, plus the floor is closed from Friday afternoon thru Sunday afternoon = no weekend commitment.  I'll be emailing my resume sometime this week.  I'm still interested in travel & agency nursing, but want to gain a little more experience first.

I'm working Mon, Tues & Wed nights this week.  I couldn't pass up the bonus money.  Besides, no one comes to my house on Halloween anyways.  There are very few houses around me, so I would find it odd if someone did show  May as well make some money.  I am leaning more & more towards taking 2 weeks off coming up here real soon.  I need to work on my rental house - the interior needs painting & it's not gonna happen by itself.  Plus I want some "me" time as well as Christmas shopping time. 

I managed to catch up with one of my nursing school classmates on Friday night.  We went to dinner & to see the movie "Elizabethtown."  It was fun seeing Kelly, but the movie was not really all that good.  The meaning was good - that rather than focusing on our failures, we should focus on how we respond to failing.  That true success is picking yourself up & moving forward...something like that.  I like the one line in the movie..."Do you ever feel like you're just fooling everyone else?"  Ahh, I can so understand that line.  Not that I am fake or hide the real me, but there are times when those type of thoughts come across my mind.

This post seems beyond I will end it  I'm babbling = time for bed.




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