Thursday, January 27, 2005

Finally a free night/day

I am relaxing tonight - it's my plan for tomorrow also. I've been on the go since Sunday & I will be on the go until next Wednesday - so I plan to enjoy my day off tomorrow. EKG class wasn't bad. I do feel more confident about assessing EKG rhythms, but after awhile, they all start to look the same - the sinus rhythms, atrial rhythms, ventricle rhythms, then the PAC's, PVC's & junctional rhythms. Throw in first degree, second degree type 1, second degree type 2 & third degree heart blocks as well as torsades de pont (sp), unifocal, multifocal, couplets, bigeminy, trigeminy, etc and it's no wonder I fell asleep at 5:30 this evening. My poor mind is worn out.

I'm meeting with Gina on Friday to once again review for the nclex state exam. We were looking up classmates names on the licensing board & saw that 14 of them have passed so far. There was about 85 or 90 in my graduating class - so lots of us still have to take it. I want to hurry up & get it over with, but at the same time - I want to take the time to study so that I only have to take it one time. February 28th is the big day!!!

Ok, time for me to go back to relaxing!

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