Monday, January 24, 2005

It wasn't bad at all

I had a good night! First, I saw M.B. - the preceptor I had while I was in school & also the world's nicest person. She's Gina's preceptor now. I met my preceptor - she didn't seem too happy at the beginning to have me around, but that didn't last long. She walked me through her routine which is very much my style also - quick & efficient. We had 4 patients who were all relatively easy to care for. One of them made me a little sad - a woman that does not know she has metastatic cancer yet & it seems it has already spread to her kidneys & bones. :( She was so happy & cheerful last night - all I could think is what her reaction will be when the doctor gives her the news. This is the second time I've had a patient like that & it breaks my heart when they are eventually told such terrible news as well as having to go into the room & act like you don't know anything about the pending diagnosis until the doctor informs her. I also got to start an IV which I did on the first try! Go me, go me!

I have a 16 hr EKG class on Tuesday & Wednesday. I'm hoping after that class I'll understand exactly what a rhythm strip is reading just by looking at it. So far it still seems like a foreign language. Then I'm off until next Sunday night. I plan to spend a lot of my time off studying for the state exam. That day will be here before I know it.

I get to play volleyball tonight - yay!!!

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