Sunday, January 23, 2005

First night on the floor

I should be sleeping right now since I am working from 6:45 tonight till sometime after 7 am tomorrow. It's my first official night on the floor as a grad nurse. I will be meeting one of my preceptors. I'm not sure if I met her while I was in school or not. I guess I'll know in about 4 hours. I have no idea what is planned for tonight. Our schedule says we will shadow our preceptor. I'm nervous - not exactly sure why because it's not like I have no clinical experience & it's not as though I'll even have patients of my own. Not to mention I wish I didn't have to work tonight - I'd love to stay home & relax (my favorite hobby). But since that isn't reality, I should at least get a nap in before work. It is so nice working close to home as opposed to my job as a tech at a hospital that was at least 45 min away. Gina is starting her first night also. It's about one of the only nights we'll be at the hospital at the same time. Well, at least until our preceptorship is over in about 2 months. I am happy that I don't work on Monday nights. That means I can continue to play volleyball - my favorite sport.

Ok, nap time for me - I'll catch up on the details of my first night tomorrow!

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michelios said...

I just started reading your blog recently. I was wondering if you were able to pick the shift you wanted when you started or was it just given to you? Are nights thought of as being "easier" since you wouldn't necessarily have a lot of people on the floor (thinking families/guests)?