Sunday, January 16, 2005

My Last Free Saturday Night!

I guess technically it's not really Saturday night since it's 1 am on Sunday, but who really cares? It's my last free Saturday night before starting my nursing career (why am I sitting at home???).

I graduated from nursing school last December. I got the job I wanted, at the hospital I wanted, on the floor I wanted - woo hoo! Gina & Tami ("classmates") will also be starting there too - we are all on PCU - Progressive Care Unit. Orientation starts on Monday & lasts all week. Gina & I are trying to decide when to take the nclex exam. We've been studying a lot - so far we feel pretty confident in everything but neuro. I don't know if there will ever come a time where I feel totally prepared. I've heard plenty of not-so-good stuff about the nclex exam. Anyways, this is my first entry, hope you enjoyed it!!!


toosarah said...

congrats Jen !!!!
Go Head Girl !!!!
: )   Sarah  (i'm happy for you)

ofiesty4u said...

I'm so happy for you Jen!!   It seems like just yesterday when you'd decided to go to school...

*sniff* my Jen's all grown up... *sniff*


Leigh Ann

khammer24 said...

I'm so happy for ya Jen!  Great job on finishing school, and Congrats on getting the job you wanted.  


flynbry said...

Nurse Jenny.....
I've got this pain in my
Congratulations Jen, You made it!
Where's the pic's?

staccraigboys said...

WOO HOO Jen!  This is awesome news!  We are all VERY proud of you.  You go girl - xoxo

CJ says, "congrats, you've always wanted to save the world"

tabbeycatt said...

Hey Jen!
Congratulations!  I knew you'd get there!  I'm so glad you got the job you wanted, too.  I can't wait to hear more about your experiences as a "nurse".   Best of luck to you!


dawn9111 said...

YAY Jen! All this hard work paid off, and I'm so very proud of you!

notail98 said...

You sound excited about your new career.  Good Luck and I hope you really love it!

Mary Ann

juleslolx2 said...

Way to go on the IV thing Jen!! Shawn and I are so proud of you and you always continue to amaze me! Keep smiling and go save a life!!! Love ya Jen Jen,  Jules