Monday, January 31, 2005

My very own patients

Last night was my second night of work and I had not one, but two of my own patients.  It was a breeze!  Luckily, they weren't difficult patients.  One was in because of a drug overdose.  Just say no, people!!!!!!  I had to take out one of his IV's & he was shaking.  Amazes me that people can do crazy things like drugs, yet be so afraid of a little needle.  And an IV cath isn't even a needle.  Oh well.  My other pt came up from the ER with congestive heart failure.  Other than needing some ice now & then, he was easy to take care of.  I also had the opportunity to start an IV & although I got into her vein, I blew it.  So I got another nurse to try & she blew 2 more veins.  Poor lady!  One more attempt by yet another nurse & she was good to go.  I still can't wait to be on my own completely, but that is about another 7 weeks away at least <sigh>.   It feels like the only person that is happy to have new grads around is the charge nurse.  She is so friendly & helpful & encouraging.  The floor nurses make it seem like I'm a burden.  Have they forgotten that they once were new nurses also?  They aren't really bad, but I certainly wouldn't use the word "friendly" to describe them.  I work again on Thursday with a different preceptor.  Hopefully she'll be happy to have me around.

I have volleyball tonight...yay.  Right now it's time to study for the state exam.  I have had other nurses tell me their dramatic stories about the nclex - I'm thinking if they can pass, anyone can.  28 days & counting until it's my turn.  Ok, time to play a computer game first, then study.  :)

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