Wednesday, February 2, 2005

A day off!

It is so nice having a day off.  I have done pretty much nothing today.  Well, other than chatting on the phone, playing a computer game & having some pizza.  I also got my first paycheck - yay!  Money in the bank...woo hoo! 

Yesterday we had class - we listened to someone from the lab department, someone from radiology, someone from dietary - seems like there were more people than that.  Oh, a charge nurse came in to motivate us & help organize "a typical day on the floor."  We had lunch with some of the human resources people & our supervisor joined us also.  We learned a little more about charting, then took a tour of the hospital - to places we haven't really seen - like materials management, the kitchen, radiology, endoscopy, etc.  Pretty easy day.  Next week they will let us practice IV's so that we are more comfortable with it & improve our technique.  I'm pretty comfortable with attempting to start them, I just haven't been real successful.  I've had 2 attempts & got one of the two.  That is one skill I would like to perfect.  I work tomorrow night with a different preceptor - it will be interesting to see how she is different than my first one.  Then I have the weekend off...yay. 

It's superbowl Sunday coming up.  I don't care who wins - don't really like either team.  I mostly want to see the new commercials.  Ok, time to go back to relaxing!!!

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