Wednesday, February 9, 2005

So tired & my week has just begun

I didn't sleep very well last night - got maybe 2 hours at the most.  I had grad nurse class today & learned all about IV's.  I'm trying to remember what the first speaker talked about, but I honestly cannot remember.  Eeekkk!  I need sleep.  However, I am trying to stay up as late as possible tonight so I can sleep at least 8 hours during the day tomorrow - so that I am well-rested for work tomorrow night.  I'm sleepy now though..sigh.

My guy friend Tracy called yesterday wanting to know why I never have time for him anymore.  It just seems like the days are flying by - where does the time go?  I remember being (much) younger & it seemed like time moved so slowly.  Now it seems like it goes by so quickly...sigh.  I thought for sure when I was done with nursing school I'd have some extra free time - but that hasn't happened yet.  Hopefully after orientation is over (6 more weeks I think) & I can have a schedule where I work 3 days straight & off 4 days - maybe then I will have some free time to catch up with my friends & family.

Alright, time to go study for the state exam - I'm getting tired of studying, but I don't want to underestimate the exam.  Two of my classmates took it on Friday & we're still waiting to see if they passed.  I cannot wait until it's over!!!!!!




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