Monday, February 7, 2005

It's Monday

The New England Patriots are the superbowl champs once again - they defeated the Eagles.  That's the team I picked to win - I choose my teams by "who has the cutest quarterback."  So scientific, aren't I?  But come on - Tom Brady is good-looking.  Anyways, they did a good job.  Guess what I was doing while watching the Superbowl!  Could I have been at an exciting party having a good time?  Noooooooo.  Could I have been watching all of the new catchy commercials??  Noooooooooo.  Could I have been studying for the nclex & missing most of the game & the commercials???  Ding, ding, ding.........yessssssss.  3 weeks from now I'll be just sitting down to take the exam.  Finally!  I can't wait.  I am going to get a hotel room because after waking up this morning & seeing the back-up on I-4, I could only imagine that somehow something like that would happen on Feb 28th & I'd be late to the testing center & not be allowed to take the test.  So to play it safe, both Gina & I are going to get a hotel room so that we don't have to stress out if there is traffic.  Plus we can go to the uniform shop we like in Orlando.......spend more money! 

My neck hurts today.  I must have slept wrong.  Either that or the stress is getting to me & I need a massage.  I'm debating about whether to rejoin the gym I was at last year.  I didn't really go that often, but I know that it is a good idea & they offer a lot of variety.  They even have a massage therapist.  Hmmmmm......decisions, decisions. 

Ok, back to my favorite (grrr) activity - more studying.  Then I think I'm meeting Julie for lunch.  Volleyball tonight at 8.  Class tomorrow at 8:30.  Working Wednesday night, Friday night, Sunday night.  Ugh, it's gonna be a long week. 

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