Sunday, February 27, 2005

Trying to relax

Ahhh, the countdown is coming to an end - 24 hrs from now the nclex exam will be over (hopefully). Gina & I are driving down to Orlando later tonight. I cannot wait to be done with this. I received some good news this weekend - both Kelly & Tema passed the exam!!!

It was raining earlier, but now it's stopped - I don't like driving in the rain. I'm going to go do a few more practice questions, pack & get ready to go (all while watching the Nascar race - go Dale Jr!!!) - I'll give an update tomorrow! Wish me luck!!!!!!!!

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threedays3028 said...

You are going to do great on the NCLEX. Just remember to relax, take some deep breaths and realize all the questions you are going to be asked you have already studied before in nursing school. Try not to get caught up in everyone else's anxiety-although it is hard-because all you can gauge in this process is yourself and everyone else responds to stress different-do you know what I mean?
Take care-