Saturday, February 5, 2005

A relaxing weekend

I worked again this past Thursday with my other preceptor J.  She had been trained 2 years earlier with my first preceptor, so their styles to organization are similar.  I like her - she is very helpful in finding new opportunities to learn.  Even though our patients didn't need any blood transfusions, she found a couple of other patients on the floor that did & asked their nurses if we could handle it.  Before nursing school, I never really even thought about how blood transfusions were I know how & also what reactions to look for.  Both patients ended up having some adverse reactions.  One became short of breath & her blood pressure went up.  Ended up having to give her a diuretic (Lasix) to help her get rid of that extra fluid.  The other patient had the chills & her BP went from normal to high after the transfusion was completed.  Both required calls to the doctor - seems no one likes calling doctors at 3 am.  Gee, wonder  Hey - that's why they get paid the big bucks, right?  The jury is still out as far as my opinion of the doctors at that hospital.  My personal doctor does rounds at this hospital.   Everyone is afraid of her.  They say she isn't very nice to the nurses.  I wonder if she'll be the same way towards me.  She's been my doctor for 15 years now (wow, long time!). 

It's tough getting back to a daytime schedule after working a 12 hour shift at night.  When I am on my own, I am going to try to work 3 or 4 nights in a row & then have 3 or 4 nights off in a row - so I'm not constantly mixing up my sleep schedule.  I took tylenol pm tonight so that I can get to sleep soon.  I'm heading over to my parents house tomorrow.  We're celebrating my nephew's birthday - he'll be! 

I've been studying the computer questions for the nclex.  I've been scoring between 68 & 81% pretty much & supposedly that is a good score.  You only need a 51% on the nclex.  About 30 students in my class have passed.  However, only 2 from the campus I was at my first year have taken it.  Seems the other 16 of us are putting it off a little while.  Either that or some have taken it & haven't passed - I can only see the names of those who have passed.  22 more days until it's my turn!!!

I'm getting nite nite.

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