Sunday, February 20, 2005

Daytona 500

I'm picking up good vibrationssssssss - I love this song.  Brings me back to my childhood - the 70's.  Gottaaaaaaaa keep those loving good vibrations a happening with her....gottaaaaaaaaaa keep thoseeeeeeeeee lovinggggggg gooddddddddd - good, good, vibrationsssssss.  How can you not sing along & be in a good mood after hearing this song?  As you can tell by my subject line - it's the Daytona 500 today.  The song is being sung in one of the opening acts at the Speedway.  Now 5 for Fighting is performing - since when did stuff like this happen at Speedways?  I am a new fan to Nascar.  For some reason I got hooked on it last year & have been watching ever since.  Of course I always would know who won the Daytona 500 since it is just 35 miles down the road, but I never sat & watched the races.  I do remember turning on the tv 4 years ago & watching the accident that would kill Dale Earnhardt.  I liked his style of racing - always causing trouble on the track (aka "Dirty Dale") & making it interesting.  You either loved him or you hated him.  Now his son is my favorite driver...go Dale Jr go!!!!!  He is the favorite in today's race because he won it last year. 

It is amazing what they've done to the infield at the track - it is like a theme park now.  Vanessa Williams is singing the Star Spangled Banner now.  Now I'm trying to find "Fanscan" so that I can hear my favorite driver talk to his team on the radio.  I'm starting to sound obsessed with this, aren't I?  What can I say, a large majority of these drivers are good looking.  I can't help myself.  Ok, time to switch subjects.

I went to sleep at 9 pm last night!!!!!!  Talk about a messed up sleep schedule.  I either stay up way too late or go to bed way too early.  Since I went to sleep so early, I have been up since 4:30.  I have been reading "Nclex-RN made ridiculously simple" - the exam is just over a week away so it's crunch time.  I feel like there isn't anything more I can possibly learn, but I do need to be refreshed about the ob & peds material.  I want to pass on the first try!!!!  Then all of my nclex books are going for sale on Ebay.  I cannot wait for the day to be able to come home & not have anything that has to be read or that I have to study for.

I talked with Tracy again yesterday afternoon - he's confused, I'm confused, we're all  I'm too busy to really worry about anything with that right now. 

It's been nice having a few days off from work.  I still can't wait until orientation is over with & I'm able to be on my own, but it's nice having preceptors to help out also.  My toughest struggle right now is in giving report to the charge nurse.  One of them is supercool & helps me to differentiate as far as what information she needs to know.  The other one is/was a nursing supervisor who dealt with case management - so she's constantly asking me about discharge planning & I have no idea what exactly it is that she wants to know or what my role is in the discharge planning process. 

Oooh Matthew McConaughey is at the Daytona 500 - what a cutie!  "Gentlemen.....start your engines!!!!!"  Time for me to go watch the race.

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