Sunday, December 7, 2008

Another Why Did I Do That?

I was taking a shower before going to work last night. I leaned over to start shaving my leg & I heard a "pop"....then pain. Ugh! It was after 5, so I couldn't call in....I hobbled to work hoping for a good night. It was my lucky night - when I got there I saw that they had me down as a unit secretary. I love that because it is an easy job & I mostly was able to sit in one spot so I wasn't really straining my already injured back. Plus I got to go home at 11 as it wasn't very busy.

I came home, went to bed and woke up sorer than ever. Back pain like this happens to me about once or twice a year - so I'm no stranger to it. Of course, at the moment, it feels like this pain will never get better...but I know it takes time. I'm off of work until Tuesday. I hope I feel better by then...back to bed I go.


Teresa said...

I think most nurses mess up their backs throughout their career lol. (no it's not funny you did it, it's the fact most nurses I know have done something or other to their backs that had happened at work). I hope you feel better real soon~! Blessings, Teresa

Julie said...

Yup, definitely at common and distressing part of nursing. Hope it feels better soon.