Sunday, December 14, 2008

Just Awesome

Saturday was awesome....just awesome. I got to sleep in, my back felt a million times better, I finished the book Twilight and immediately went to see the movie. I liked the movie better than the book - which was surprising, but they are both pretty entertaining. I'm still not hooked, but I will continue to read the series & see if it gets better. Especially since I heard they are making possibly 3 more movies to follow the books.

The best part of Saturday was seeing Carrie Underwood in concert. She was fantastic. I took my niece Elizabeth and we met Linda (hi Linda!) before the concert to hang out. Our seats were perfect, the music sounded great and Carrie is so beautiful. The concert was long...started around 7:30 and I don't think it ended until about 10:30. Little Big Town opened the show - they were pretty good too, even though I'm not much of a fan of theirs. Time was so much fun. And best of back didn't bother me at all!

Now it's late Sunday afternoon & I have to go get ready for work. Hopefully it will be a good night and that it will go by quickly.

Have a good night everyone!


Pamela said...

The concert sounds great! I hope you have a good work night and your back doesn't hurt.
Take care

Amanda said...

So glad that your back is feeling better. Sounds like you had a great Saturday. Hope Sunday night at work was nice and calm. (ha ha)