Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Last post of 2008

Wow, the last post of 2008....hard to believe!!!!

The other night I went to see The Curious Case of Benjamin Button & wouldn't you know it.....with about 40 min left to go (the movie is nearly 3 hours long)....the fire alarm at the theater went off. So we all had to go outside & they said they would give us a free ticket, but we couldn't go back & watch our movie. What??? Luckily the fire dept got there quick & cleared it so we were able to watch the ending & get a free ticket too. Whew! It kinda helped that we had a fire drill as the majority of women seeing the movie seemed to need a bathroom break that worked out. The movie was pretty good.....good message I suppose, but I certainly wouldn't call it one of the best movies of the decade like the commercials say. I did admire Brad Pitt as an actor though. I don't usually like him all that much, but he did a good job in this movie.

Last night I didn't work, but I heard they had a Code Black. That is a bomb threat. Eeeeekkkk...scary!!!!!! Turns out it was some idiot in the ER that made a comment in passing about how we hope we don't remember his name when this place blows up later. Ummmm, not the thing to say in a hospital because staff takes that seriously. Police were called, hospital was on lockdown, 2 hour search for a possible bomb and the idiot was arrested & taken to jail. Maybe he learned his lesson.

This friend of my nephew's....I probably mentioned him a long time ago in this blog somewhere. I don't want to say his name, but he was drafted in 2006 & got over a million dollar sign-on bonus because he was such a good baseball player. Anyways, he thought he had the flu...but it turns out it was meningitis. He passed out while at the gym & was rushed to the hospital. He's been on life support for the last 2 to 3 weeks. Every time they try to take him off the respirator, he would have major seizures. No one really knows why. As a result, the respirator would have to remain in place. He's only 20 yrs old - he should be getting better, not worse. Because of the seizures....they would have to give him major doses of anti-seizure medication (hence the reason he needs a respirator). So basically they've had him in a medically induced coma to control the seizures. As of yesterday, he has been breathing on his own & hasn't had anymore seizures...but he has major memory loss. I'm not sure how extensive it is, but I'm hearing it's serious. If you all could say a prayer for him, it would be appreciated. I will keep you updated on his condition. There was a time during the last 2 or 3 weeks that they didn't think he would live. He's not out of the woods yet, but hopefully on his way to a good recovery.

I've got to go now....I'm working tonight....ugh. Oh well, I got to have Thanksgiving & Christmas with my family, so it's time to work the holiday I signed up for. I hope everyone has a safe night tonight & Happy New Year!!!!!!!


Linda :) said...

Happy New Year!!!!
and sending special thoughts....

Anonymous said...

Wow - I really hope the boy pulls through. And I hope your New Year's was relatively uneventful! Good thing you didn't have to work the other holidays.