Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Is this legal?

I went to the staff meeting today and found out that starting next year (which is next month...eek), my employer is requiring us to divulge any type of history we have. Let me clarify this - they started out saying we need to report if we have been arrested in the past year. Now that is sort of understandable as we don't want some wacko working with the public. Then they went on to say that this includes anything to do with tickets.....except parking tickets. So if we jaywalked, sped, car accident, etc....they need us to be "honest" & list everything that has happened with the law in the last year in our personal life outside of work. What????

Is this even legal? What does my driving record have to do with being a nurse? I swear it's a ploy to decrease the 3% raise we usually get. Is there anyone else whose employer does this? Please let me know!


Amanda said...

What is their reasoning? We have a union so this would never fly at my hospital, but I think if you asked a lawyer, they would be able to tell you if it is legal or not

Julie said...

I think things are going to get really scary in the coming year and they will be looking for any reason to get rid of anyone they can. I don't think it sounds legal but they will probably change the laws to make it legal and normal. Hang in there.