Saturday, December 6, 2008

Why Did I Do That?

I went to work last night and forgot to bring some coke. Not the illegal stuff, but the drink brand. It's not so much that I forgot it, rather I left it in my car & I was too lazy to walk out to my car to get it. So what happens when one (such as me) does that? It makes me crave it more than ever. I'm sure if I had it sitting in my bag, I wouldn't have wanted it...but reverse psychology got me.

I left work & while driving by a Wendy's restaurant - it suddenly dawns on me that a large diet coke sounds like a lifesaver at 7:30 in the morning. I'm not a coffee drinker, but a coke drinker. Fast forward approx an hour & my 64 oz of diet coke is gone. No, not gone as in missing.....but gone as I drank the whole gigantic cup.

Now I'm asking myself...why in the world would I drink 64 ozs of liquid right before going to bed??? Why??????

My evening started out a little chaotic last night - due to staffing. They have this new rule that when they float us an ICU nurse...she can only float to the second floor - because the poor lil ICU nurses are not used to having to take care of 5 patients at a time and we need to keep them as close to their unit as possible - because they are familiar with their unit & supply location, etc. So then that forces the 2nd floor PCU nurse to then have to float to Med-Surg or the 3rd floor.

Needless to say, we 2nd floor nurses are getting tired of being moved all over the place to accomodate everyone else. Personally I think that is ICU is overstaffed...then send home the extras rather than calling off PCU nurses in order to make room for ICU. I know this isn't making sense to most of you, but I think any nurse would somewhat understand this.

I'm exhausted...heading to bed.


Julie said...

Our ICU nurse would rarely if ever work on the floor, They wouldn't be able to take the pace and they are used to their machines telling them the vitals at just a glance without having to actually do them. They aren't allowed to pull us from our floor and replace us with any float or agency nurses. I would hate that also.

Pamela said...

I left one hospital after working there for almost 7 years because of their floating policy. I worked ICU. They would bring in registry ICU RN's and float us out to Tele. They were unable to get registry to work their Tele floor because it was so chaotic! So WE (ICU RN's) had to do it, while our ICU was full of registry. I was floating at least once a week. It got OLD! It was too crazy for me!